About Us


Why Us?

"We always work with classics, adapting them to feel modern but without designing 'looks' so that our pieces can be kept throughout the years and worn in totally different ways."

Lead by a dedicated and professional team, Peau Féroce ensures the highest impact when it comes to managing the brand vision, equity and qualitative and quantitative objectives. 

Peau Féroce offers a host of services related to the fashion sector which include brand building orientation, turnkey launch events, media planning & execution, seasonal fashion shows, direct mailing, cross promotional activities, systematic and continuous monitoring of the markets and a developed CRM program. 

The simplicity of the product is it's own secret!

Peau Féroce high-end fashion brand made from 100 % genuine leather for the Levant region.

As Mr. Maurice Salem Founder of Peau Féroce says "The road to fashion has been unconventional". Starting out as simply a hobby Mr. Salem creations quickly gained critical acclaim from the fashion industry. With the help of his sister Ms. Melessa Salem including a hard working team working back to back with a high level of Commitment to develop a brand called Peau Féroce "Wild Skin". 

Peau Féroce is defined by its carefully refined and uniquely sourced materials, "The ethos is to create a limited edition handmade products of 100% genuine leather material at an affordable price". 

Our inspiration is drawn from international travel, and a passion for everyday life. These, combined with individual flair, an inbuilt sense of style and the determination to use only premium leather, guarantees each product offers quality, versatility and character. Headquartered and managed from Beirut, Peau Féroce's reach and extends to all the major countries in the Levant. Flagship boutiques and dedicated corners are located in prime and high end retail locations.

Peau Féroce is part of SalemCore S.A.R.L